If you and your family are of a mixed heritage, then you may not follow too many traditions when it comes to celebrating the holidays. If you do not feel tied to a single nationality, then consider adopting some of the traditions practiced from around the world. There are a wide variety of unique traditions you can adopt into your own holiday.

Start The Holiday With St. Lucia's Day

St. Lucia's day is a traditional Scandanavian holiday that is celebrated across Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. The holiday is particularly important in Sweden and is celebrated on December 13th. The date marks a festive day that honors St. Lucia, who died as a young girl. Traditionally, the oldest female child in the family will start off the December 13th celebration by wearing a long white dress with a red bow or ribbon around the waist. After dressing, she will wake her family in the morning. Candles are a large part of the holiday, and crowns can be worn on the head with holders to carry candles around to light the way.

If you have daughters, then St. Lucia's day is a great traditional holiday to adopt. Work with your daughters to sew the white gowns and ribbons by hand and create your crowns as well. If you have a son, then make sure he dresses as a star boy. Star boys wear white robes instead of gowns and they also adorn tall hats emblazoned with bright yellow stars. 

Breakfast feasts are a big part of St. Lucia's Day. If you want some sweet treats to mark the occasion, then bake up some traditional Swedish pastries. Family tradition online communities are great places to find some good recipes for these types of cookies that have been passed down through families from mothers and grandmothers. 

Adopt Some Italian Festivities

If you want Christmas to be a special holiday in December, then skip the decorating and shopping right after Thanksgiving and go with a more traditional holiday like the Italians follow. In Italy, the holiday season starts eight days before Christmas and runs for about three weeks. The week before the holiday, kids dress up as shepherds, create poems, or learn songs. They then travel through their cities and recite in front of neighbors and others in the community.

While Italian families will traditionally give children a small amount of money as they visit, you probably should not expect this in the Unites States. However, teaching your children about charity and giving back to those in need is a good way to add your own twist to the Italian tradition. Ask your children to explore different charities and choose one that they admire. Create donation boxes so your children can ask for donations while they sing songs and recite poems for neighbors. 

If you want to follow an Italian Christmas celebration, then do not forget about the 24 hour feast, since this may be the best part of the holiday. The feast occurs for the entire day before Christmas Eve. Take the time to invite family and friends over who may be busy on Christmas to enjoy the meal. Italians make a wide variety of foods for the celebration, so make sure to try your hand at some of the most popular dishes. Also make sure that panettone, an Italian type of cake, is baked to finish off the meal. 

If you want to add some new Christmas traditions to your family, then look at some that are practiced all around the world and make them your own. If you want some tips and tricks on making sure your traditions are authentic, then explore a family tradition online community